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Caution: The Stormkit Key Value storage API is only available in on premise installations. If you encounter any issues or have feedback, please reach out to our team.

Stormkit provides a simple and convenient way to interact with Redis compatible storage through HTTP. The API allows you to send Redis commands as JSON arrays via a POST request to the endpoint https:///exec.

API is quite trivial, create a API key for your environment and send Redis command as JSON array to https://<your_domain>/exec as post request.

For example;

curl -X POST -d '["SET", "foo", "bar"]' https://<your-domain>/exec
 -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_environment_token>"

Will set foo as key and bar as value. You can browse value's in Key Value section of your environment.

Only commands for following types are available for now,

  • Hash
  • List
  • Set
  • String

Blocking commands like BLPOP, BRPOP, BRPOPLPUSH are not supported for now. Refer to the Redis documentation for more details on available commands.