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Feature flags

Stormkit provides a method to inject feature flags into your client-side application and control them through its user interface. Feature flag values are updated on the spot, allowing users to control features without needing deployment.

To create a feature flag:

  1. Go to Your Application
  2. Click on Feature Flags (the flag icon) from the left navigation bar
  3. Click on New feature flag
  4. Specify a name and click Create

To use the feature flags:

  1. Enable the feature flag
  2. In your client-side application, access them through the globally available object.

Using feature flags locally

There are two methods to inject the object into local environments. The first one is through fetching the feature flags from Stormkit API:

To access feature flags from other clients, use the Stormkit API by making a GET request to<app-id>/envs/<env-id>/flags. Replace <app-id> and <env-id> with your *App ID and Environment ID.


curl -X GET


    { "flagName": "example_feature_flag", "flagValue":true }